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Hands Free Portable Urinal

No splashing
No shaking
No hands/Relax
No need to aim
No lights (No need to look/see)
Pour a cup of water to clean
Throw tissue in trash
Flush anytime to save water

Urinal Assembly and instructions

  1. Assemble urinal but do not glue together until fit.
  2. Put Urinal in toilet.
  3. Determine the proper height and cut pipe to fit.
  4. Do not shake, just wipe with tissue and dispose tissue in trash.
  5. Pour a pint of water in urinal, no need to flush every time.
  6. Flush toilet when removing Urinal.
  7. Add Bleach to clean Urinal and Toilet.
  8. Remove Urinal and put in trash can while using toilet.
  9. Hands free, Shake free, Flush periodically, saves water, paper goes in trash not in sewer.
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